Hosting a Clipper Class with Dashay


Hosting a clipper class is super easy. Dashay will need space for 8 to 20 stylists, 8 is the minimum, however for smaller class options message or call (812) 760 8453.

Based on how many stations the salon has will determine how many spots will be opened for our hands-on class. A clipper class with Dashay can vary in prices due to travel expenses. A “Watch & Learn” class within two hours of driving with be $100 per person, and $125 per person for a “Watch & Learn + Hands – On” class. Stylists that will be attending a Hands -On Class will need to provide their own model. Traveling any more than two hours, a “Watch & Learn” class will be $115 per person and a “Watch & Learn” + hands on will cost $140 per person.

If you’re within two hours of traveling the deposit will be $200, if you’re more than two hours the deposit will be $400. Hostess are responsible for one day hotel stay (Optional) and provide light snacks drinks and for the stylists.  If Dashay has to fly there will be an additional $25 upcharge to the ticket of each stylist attending. Dashay will provide a flyer to help bring awareness in your area for the class.

Dashay will be breaking down his successful system on how to develop his fading and blending techniques. He has created a diagram to give the stylists a visual of what he sees when creating a haircut. Many hairstylists get lost in their haircuts and lose sight of what their trying to create. His diagram will give more confidence and allow you to follow a road map to create a great cut and overall look.

Dashay will also share some great information on how to deal with emotions while going through the process of becoming your best you. He has created a second diagram to give you a visual on how to “Think Your Way To Personal Success”. Without understanding, it is impossible to become the best you!