DaShay Johnson


Here you will have the opportunity to improve your barber skills and your mind. Winners master both. 


My goal for this online academy, is to help you understand how to have self-control over your inner vision and your inner emotions. To help bring awareness on how to take control of your inner voice! By understanding how to control these inner parts, will be the first steps that will allow you to create anything you can possibly imagine for your life! 


Some say that the only thing you need to be successful is control over your mind and emotions.

Here are the topics I will help you with:

Control Over Your Emotions

You will always have this voice in your head that wants to challenge you. You have to learn how to talk back to the voice with an answer that lines up with your purpose.

Control Over Your Inner Voice

Always remember your emotions only follow your thoughts. Once we learn how to control the way we think… our emotions will follow.


I will cover various barber topics to help you become a better barber.

Here are the topics I will help you with:

Build Your Confidence With Clipper Cuts

Confidence comes when you have understanding! This Academy will help you grow your confidence from behind the chair!

Apply Proper Techniques

Techniques are important. You will learn different methods that will allow you to reach your desired look!

Not Getting Lost While Creating a Haircut

In this Academy I teach on how to create panels. This will help you from getting lost in your haircuts.

Control Your Emotions While Creating a Haircut

We have to learn that when we are creating something new, we have to enter the unknown. This Academy will help you break through your emotional barriers. And move you to a place of peace through understanding. 

Understand How To Grow Your Business

There is always a secret guide for a successful business. This Academy will reveal the process that will move you to your next level!




DaShay Johnson is a talented clipper cut educator. He has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 23 years. In 2013, he launched his Clipper Cut Education and Training Workshop. DaShay combined his extensive hair design skills with his clipper cutting talents to develop a customized instructional method designed to educate and train hairstylist in the art of clipper cutting techniques, including fading, blending and procedures for all hair types.

DaShay’s Clipper Cut Education and Training Workshop also addresses the emotional pain that often affect hairstylist, and equips participants with coping skills that allows you to “push through the pain”. These sessions can help hairstylist perfect their clipper cutting skills, recognize the emotional pain, and push through the pain to advance their careers to the next level. He created a diagram for his clipper classes; it will break down how to create a fade into its simplest form. He also has a strong passion to motivate and help people become the best they can be and created a diagram called “Think Your Way To Personal Success”. This visual gives insight on how to create a great future in business and in your personal life by using your thoughts correctly.

DaShay is dedicated to creating a peaceful, positive atmosphere while helping others develop growth and educational opportunities and at the same time always working to improve his personal skills. Each class is designed to allow a high level learning experience with an opportunity for hand-on training. Business within the hair industry allows for continual growth and learning, equipping each stylist to thrive behind the chair.

The way you think will determine your habits, and your habits will determine your feature! – DaShay Johnson